AIG Opta Rugby Data

Using AIG Opta Rugby Data, participants will have access to all of the 2012 New Zealand All Blacks fixtures, as well as selected USA Rugby fixtures, which will be available with every single on-the-ball action, categorized, and logged with an x/y co-ordinate attributed to where it took place on the pitch.

Data feeds include:

  • Fixtures and results
  • Season rankings
  • Season totals
  • Player stats
  • Stadia feeds
  • Player profiles
  • And more…

To make your app as informative and interactive as possible, participants are encouraged to utilize multiple data streams. Rugby images and video footage will also be provided by the New Zealand All Blacks and USA Rugby for you to use in your apps and submission videos. Complete the form below to get access to the AIG Opta Rugby Data, video, and images.

August 7th Webinar

Did you miss the August 7th Google Hangout? Don't fret! You can view the recording below. Have questions? Post technical questions on the developer forum and email challenge related questions to

Rugby 101

Don’t know much about Rugby? Check out the All Blacks Rugby 101 videos, USA Rugby's youth rugby videos, and the AIG Youtube channel, and theNew Zealand All Blacks YouTube channel to get up to speed.

Additional API Resources

You’re required to utilize at least one of the AIG Opta Rugby Data feeds, but you can also integrate as many other APIs, SDKs, and datasets as you like (as long as you’re authorized to use them). Check outProgrammable Web’s API directory and some of the popular APIs below:

AIG App Idea Bank

What you build is up to you – get creative! For instance you could create:

  • Player injury tracking apps
  • Community gathering apps that allow you to coordinate pickup games with your friends or people near you
  • Apps that create a new “metric” for rugby, like batting averages are for baseball
  • Fixtures and Results apps
  • Stadium guides
  • Mashups combining performance data with other interesting third party data
  • Visualization apps that educate the user about player performance
  • Graphical analysis apps
  • Apps that analyze key performance indicators and the science of wins
  • Apps that use predictive algorithms and trends mapping
  • Apps relating to player performance index creation

Submission video tips

Aside from your actual app, your submission video is one of the most important pieces of your submission. In fact, it’s often one of the first, and sometimes only, things that judges and voters view. Make a great first impression by following these tips on what to include:

  • Include a step-by-step demo. Demonstrate your technology’s key functionality and features by walking through your app’s features via screencast or video footage of the app working on an appropriate device. While audio isn’t required, narration or text bubbles can help judges and voters understand and appreciate your technology.
  • Keep it simple. As per the official rules, your video shouldn’t be longer than five minutes. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to upload your video. Keep in mind that the time it takes to upload/process a video on YouTube or Vimeo varies greatly depending on the format of your original video, file size, upload traffic, Internet connection speed, and could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours or more.

Don’t know much about making videos? Check out these helpful screencasting tools.

More Questions?

If you have questions about AIG Opta Rugby Data, check out the developer forum. For questions about the AIG Rugby Innovation Challenge, email